The Ribeira Sacra is distinguished by its natural beauty, its unique personality and by having reached our days unaltered.


For the students, it is a further incentive in their training, as well as an opportunity to get to know and perform more music, to make acquaintance with fellow students and exchange experiences in a privileged environment that will undoubtedly provide references and support in the future.

The selection of the academy students will be determined by their musical ability and performance level. They will receive daily master classes from the resident artists, whom in turn are amongst the finest musicians of their generation. 

As for the student’s schedule, a work plan will be established as follows:  

  • 1 hour of individual class daily with the guest artists, with a total of 5 hours/week.

  • Practising time in an atmosphere of inspiration and work.

  • Possibility of listening to all classes, all rehearsals and concerts.

  • Night reading sessions between guest artists and students.

  • Possibility of performing in the final concert, which will take place on September 7th.




  • Active students (from 1st to 8th September) including accommodation and meals: 600€

  • Active students without accommodation: 400€

  • Listeners: free access




Festival y Academia de la Ribeira Sacra 

September 1-8, 2019